Workshops available in the studio and live online (Zoom)

A course and workshop dedicated to the birth of your child, and a great opportunity for you and your partner or birth support person to explore how the two of you can prepare for this unique experience in the best possible way.


• Being the birth partner - how can I support?

• Effective breathing techniques for birth

• Gentle massage techniques to release pain

• Relaxation techniques

• Elementary yoga positions to use during labor

In this workshop we use and explore relaxation, breathing and massage techniques, and  yoga positions and movements that have proven to be very helpful to prepare before and use during birth.

This course is an opportunity for the two of you (pregnant + partner or doula/support person) to explore how you can be a great team, and how you as a mother giving birth would like to recieve support, and how you as a partner/support person in the very best way can be this support the process of giving birth.

This is also great opportunity to set an intention for and start making a plan for what you would like to bring into the process of giving birth to you child.

The workshop is half a day, and we suggest that you take some time after the course (perhaps a nice lunch in town on your own) to keep on talking and connecting.

No previous experience of yoga or birth needed.

What to bring:

• Paper and pen

• Comfortable clothes that you can easily move in

• If you like, a fruit or snacks for the short break


1 private workshop a 2 hours 15 min, 2 200  kr
2 x 2 hours private workshops, 3 500 kr

Contact us, and together we will create the best possible plan for you . We also create group workshops on request, contact us for more information. 


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Johanna Lindberg is yogateacher specialised in pregnancy yoga and postnatal yoga. She has founded Infinite Mama and is the owner of Infinite Yoga.


"It was a pleasure to do the birth course with Johanna at Inifinite Yoga, a welcoming and calm place in a situation that can be a bit stressful. Johanna was holding the space perfectly and shared her knowledge. She pinpointed so many things we didn't think about before, and as the partner, I also got to think over what my needs are in this situation, which was very meaningful, as well as how I can support my wife in the best of ways. I feel much more prepared for the birth of our baby. I highly recommend it to every partner to do this workshop with your pregnant partner, for you to be prepared and to be an even stronger team!"

Asaf Kliger