A 50 hours training in two modules at Infinite Yoga Malmö including home practice and personal coaching online.


Att Komma Hem

Restorative yoga is the art of letting go. When practiced, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which can be described as the opposite of the fight-and-flight response. Due to today's lifestyle many of us might not have landed in the parasympathetic nervous system in a very long time, which is why we often feel the results of the restorative practice immediately during and after class. In restorative yoga we use a variety of props; blankets, pillows, bolsters, blocks and straps - to help alleviate both body and mind in a deeply relaxing moment, having true potential to extend its benefits to the patterns of our everyday life.

Restorative yoga is a deeply healing practice and can help you to find focus, peace of mind, and to become more present in your everyday life. It has proven to be an efficient tool in reducing stress-hormones and muscle tension, in supporting the function of the immune system, improving sleep quality, and much more.

These days the practice of resting, letting go and making space for ourselves is more important than ever. In nourishing ourselves, we are also able to nourish our relationships and the world we live in.

Yoga Alliance Certification

Receive a certification of 50 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours (YACEP®) upon completion of the training. This in-studio training enables you to teach worldwide.

This training builds around your personal needs and reasons for participating and invites to all of your life experiences to form part of your teaching style. We work towards bringing out your uniqueness through self-developmental exercises.

LIVE Mentoring
Have access to your teacher at all times throughout the course, with absolutely no pre-recorded content. This is a IN STUDIO LIVE course, where you will be able to communicate and have all your questions adressed in real time. We are taking all COVID-19 precautions in the studio, and making sure all is safe.

Teach IRL & Online
Learn how to teach with presence both in real life and online. Experience the benefits as well as challenges when teaching onscreen and offscreen. As a yoga teacher these days we have the opportunity to connect with our students anywhere, all over the world.

Ready to Teach
You will be able to teach Restorative Yoga directly after this course. Which means that you do not need to have completed any other yoga training/course prior to this course.

Meet and get inspired by other students and teachers sharing the love and passion for yoga. We share a safe and heartfelt space where all experiences, feelings and sensations are welcome. Everything personal that is shared within the group, stays between us.

Presence from the Animal Realm
During this training you might also run in to yoga dogs Shiva and Rocky, two small and cuddly Russkiy Toy terriers, who sometimes also joins Anneli’s therapy offerings, giving extra healing and warmth to the sessions. In case of allergies, let us know before booking your spot.

This course takes place in the beautiful studio Infinite Yoga in Malmö, Sweden, during 2 weekend modules.
It is a smaller group training with a limited amount of participants, to grant you the maximum interaction and contact time. News for this year is that it's running live online, so that you can join from where you are if unable to grab a spot in-studio. The training puts you as a teacher and individual in centre, recognising your personal needs and reasons for taking the course, hence your course becomes highly personal and part of your self-development journey.
The training is built according to the Educational Categories of Yoga Alliance; Techniques, Training & Practice/ Teaching Methodology/ Anatomy & Physiology/ Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics.

  • Theory & Philosophy
  • History & B.K.S Iyengar
  • The difference between Restorative/ Yin
  • Fascia & Deep Tissue Release
  • The Physical & Mental Benefits
  • The Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • Alignment for injuries/back pain/muscle tension release/stress release/women’s moon cycle/ pregnancy/ menopause etc.
  • 30+ Asanas
  • Demonstration, modifications and class workshops
  • Self-practice, group practice, 1:1
  • Using yoga props / Sound vs. Silence
  • Translating the Chakra System to modern life
  • Restorative and Meditation
  • Restorative and Mindfulness
  • Restorative and Yoga Nidra
  • Mind-body Connection
  • Breathing Exercises/ Pranayama vs. Breathwork
  • Healing Mantras & Mudras
  • Coping strategies for Stress
  • How to hold space & Shine your Gift as teacher
  • Ethics & Healthy Boundaries
  • Adding Restorative Yoga to your life and yoga business

A Restorative Yoga Manual
All study material
10 ready-to-use Restorative Yoga Sequences
Optional Coaching Session with Facilitator

Please note: Meals and accommodation are not included.

Attend all course hours
Written exam
Home practice and home studies
10 documented Restorative Yoga classes (at least 5 with head teacher)


Module 1, 9-10 april 2022

Module 2, 14-15 maj 2022


12 500 SEK incl 25% VAT.

Part payment is available. Please contact us for your payment plan.

English/ Swedish as needed

Book your spot when making your first instalment of 3 000 SEK, or get in touch for more information: Further information will be provided after sending in your application. 

Cancellation earlier than 2 weeks prior to course start: cancellation fee of 2000 SEK.
Cancellation less than two weeks prior to course start: 50% refund of full payment. 
No refund when cancelling  one day prior to course start or later.
In case of injury or other health circumstances preventing you from participating, full payment will be refunded, except fo ar 500 SEK administrational fee, with demonstration of medical note. In case of injury or other health circumstances preventing you from participating after course already started, your spot will be reserved on our upcoming training. In this case, no refund is available. 


In the event of  pandemic restrictions preventing one or both modules from taking place in studio, the training will be held in full online. 

Anneli Wisén har grundat Infinite Academy och utbildar yogalärare sedan 2018 i Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation och Usui Reiki healing. Hon inspireras av yogans läkande kraft och den oändliga möjlighet till självutforskning som  ges i spektrat mellan den kraftfulla dynamiska yogan och den återhämtande. Anneli varvar sin undervisning med kreativitet, lekfullhet, intuitiv och säker personlig guidning med djup förståelse för varje elevs unika behov för en säker och självutvecklande yogapraktik. Anneli har bott och undervisat i Sverige, Spanien, Malta och Bali.
Anneli  har bakgrund som yogastudiochef, marknadsförare, projektledare,  samt språkvetare, och delar under utbildningen med sig av sin kunskap även inom dessa områden. Utbildningen ges delvis eller helt på engelska för att du ska ha behörighet att undervisa både i Sverige och internationellt. 

Anneli Wisén is a RYT 500 accredited yoga teacher, a E-RYT 200® and YACEP® provider, holding certificates in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Restorative yoga. Originally from the north of Sweden, she has been travelling, living and teaching worldwide, from Spain, to Malta and Bali. As a yoga teacher trainer, she offers YTT’s in Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra and Meditation.
Anneli is co-founder of The Infinite Academy. In her classes you will be guided towards finding inner balance and wellbeing, and towards reconnecting to your authentic and unique core where transformation and the meeting with your own inner healer can take place.
Anneli is a certified Holistic Coach, Reiki Master therapist & teacher, Breathwork facilitator, and offers astro readings in Shamanic Astrology The Paradigm™.

Infinite Yoga Malmö is a calming, luxurious oasis offering yoga, meditation, breathwork, Reiki, massage therapy, life-coaching and psychotherapy. We offer a space where you can fully rest, be yourself and find new direction and creativity.

With focus on yoga as a guide towards self-development, we give tools for handling challenges in everyday life, for meeting your emotional needs as well as a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and yoga psychology.
Every time you visit is an opportunity to gain new insights for growth and self-awareness. Welcome home!


“Anneli is as sweet and empathetic as she is knowledgeable and strong - bringing more to the yoga class than the physical aspects only. If you want to meet a brilliant and inspiring yoga teacher, she’s the one! I am also very grateful for all her teachings, listening and open discussions during the yoga teacher training. I found her guidance precious for my self-discovery journey.”
— Anna Sangaré

“I cannot recommend this course enough! Friendly enough for beginners and advanced yogis alike, Anneli carefully lays this course out in an extremely special manner. Incorporating lectures, hands on demonstrations, group discussions and self practice and reflection included. I left each day eager to learn more and feeling so full from all that I had learned. Really teaching me how to restore my body, mind and spirit, this course is a must if you are interested in slowing things down and going inwards as well as learning to teach this to others. Anneli is an amazing teacher who really goes the extra mile to make you feel the effects of the course!"
— Stephanie Warner

“When I first experienced Anneli's restorative class, I immediately fell in love (…). So when the opportunity presented itself to do the 50 hrs course with her, I jumped at it. The course is well set up with workshops, reading material, tasks to do at home, deep conversations () and of course, restorative sessions. If you wish to experience true relaxation and a healing sensation, then this is the course for you.”
— Joanne Bonello

Jag är så tacksam för Annelis vishet, erfarenhet och expertis. Anneli har en närvaro och passion för personlig utveckling som inspirerar och omvandlar sinnet. En otroligt vacker och omfattande utbildning, som har lett mig djupare in i mitt eget inre ljus. Jag rekommenderar denna utbildning med hela mitt hjärta till de som vill öppna sinnet och få inre frid. — Marie Lundqvist

“After completing my Restorative YTT with Anneli I can truly say how happy I am, and how much I've learnt with this amazing teacher. I love the way she organised the course, and all the information and discussions that was shared. She has helped me and been there for everything that I've needed. I couldn't be more grateful, and I totally recommend her as a teacher and healer.”
— María del Pilar Clemente