17.00-19:00 FRIDAYS 12/2, 12/3, 9/4 & 11/6 2021


journaling | guided meditations | singing circle | movement & embodiment

Imagine coming together with likeminded souls once a month for a ceremonial gathering in the energy of the new moon. The new moon is told to represent deep feminine wisdom and each and everyone of us, both men and women, have the feminine and the masculine energy within.

Every Friday closest to the new moon I will be welcoming you to a New Moon Healing Circle where you will be guided through deep meditations, self reflection, journaling, singing circle, movement and embodiment.

Through the presence of the new moon, awareness and intentions we set new directions for what we would like to receive more of in our lives. What are you longing for in life? What would you like to come to fruition during the next lunar cycle?

Just like the moon we too, as human beings, are constantly moving through cycles, phases and changes in life. When connecting to and working with the moon and her cycle we create a life of deeper meaning and a more authentic relationship with ourselves and our inner wisdom.

Fridays 12 Feb, 12 March, 9 April & 11 June at 17:00-19:00

Infinite Yoga Malmö

300 SEK per person (30% off for the Infinite community with a yearly membership or half year membership)

Limited spots. Only 8 spots available on the studio. To secure your spot, email

The ceremonies will be in English, how ever it is up to you if you want to speak Swedish or English during the evening!

Bring your favorite crystals, symbols, your journal and a pen, comfortable clothes and anything else that makes you feel deeper connected to your inner wisdom and the moon!

Kristin Montagu-Evans is a psychotherapist, yoga teacher and a facilitator of Healing Circles where she shares her passion for bringing people together as a tool for inner healing. To her, the meaning of inner healing doesn’t come from a place of being broken nor the need to be fixed, but rather from a place of deep inner connection to the very essence of you.

"Through sharing, meditations, healing songs, movement & embodiment, fire and the moon I invite my Healing Circle participants to come on a journey of self discovery where all of your sensitivity, emotional register and ALL that is YOU is invited. You belong just by being born!!"