Welcome to a yoga class that will enable you to strengthen and connect with your physical body after giving birth. In this class you will have an opportunity to meet with other mamas and their babies, sharing emotions and insights in words and through the magic flow we will explore on the yoga mat together.

Focus on you as a mother
This yoga focuses on you as a mom and your baby can join you on the mat or sleep comfortably on a blanket that you bring with you or in its stroller just outside the yoga room.

Come as you are – no pressure of performance
This is a space for you and your baby to simply be who you are. We let go of any comparisons to others, the pressure of accomplishment and have-tos, instead we invite the joy of having a whole room full of babies bubbling with their vivacious energy! We use sound, mantras and movement to create a cozy and fun time for both babies and grown-ups!

Laughter, giggles, cries or joyous shouts – all sounds are welcome here whomever it may come from, so no need to worry about your baby having to be quiet. In this space, everything is ok!

We start the class with a sharing where you have the opportunity to share your feelings about where you’re at today both physically and emotionally. The class then continues, adapting to the needs of both young and adult participants.

The yoga focuses on you and your body building up the muscles in the abdomen and pelvic floor area at a slow pace through soothing and stretching yoga positions.

We end the class with relaxation and soothing breathing exercises easy to implement in your everyday life.

Gabriella Blomqvist

"My biggest fear before our child was born was being isolated and lonely in motherhood. To go from my rich social calendar to the empty apartment alone not knowing what the days would be like. This is why I sought after going to mama baby yoga very early - Karla was 5 weeks old when we joined our first course. Infinite has since become a place where my child and I can meet, as the person I was before she came and the person I am since she is with us. It has become the safe space in which to discover who I want to be as a mother, an oasis away from all the musts, the shoulds and all those stressful even if well intended advice. Here we both feel at ease in body and soul and get the energi we need to discover the world together. I am full of gratitude for this community!"
Hannah Stanton and daughter Karla, who have been participating in Medveten Gravidyoga and Mamma Baby Yoga at Infinite Mama 2019-2020


Tuesdays 10:00-11:00, 8 tillfällen, starting 15th of September with Gabriella, 1 640 kr

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No previous experience of yoga needed. You are welcome as soon as you and your baby feel that you are ready, no matter if you have had a vagnial or cecarian birth.

if you have your own yogamat, feel welcome to bring it. We also have yogamats and bolsters in the studio- Bring your own blanket for your baby to rest/play and do yoga on. Perhaps a few favorite toys if your baby is a bit older.

Oue elevator is small, but most strollers can fit in it. Just let us know when you ring the bell on the door if you need any help! <3

You will find our booking system on the pink button ”Schema & bokning” in the top right corner of your website. Here you can cancel you booking if you will need to do so due to illness or other reasons. When you cancel at the latest 4 hours before the class begin, you will have the class credit left to use among Infinite Yogas complete class selection, during the time period of your course.  

We have reduced the number of participants in our classes to 12, in order to have extra space between the yogamats. Feel welcome to bring your own yoga mat and blanket to the studio, if that feels better for you. If you do not have you own mat, you can borrow in the studio, feel weocome to bring you own blanket to put on top of the mat.
If you feel ill in any way, we kindly ask you to stay at home. See info above on how to cancel your spot in class, so that you can save it for later.
More information in Swedish about or guidelines due to Corona here >>


Gabriella Blomqvist
 has a great passion for the yogic path and applies it as a tool for self-compassion and personal development. She has the ability to bring out the inner strength and wisdom of the people she meets on the yoga mat - qualities we all have but for some hidden in the dark. Gabriellas classes are guided by her connection to the love she has for the traditional yogic path. Applying soft empathic flows that enable the body to open up and transform along the journey and ready to receive new information while letting go of that which no longer belongs. Gabriella will guide you into deep relaxation with intuiteve visualisations - taking you much beyond.
Gabriella has over 12 years experience of teaching yoga, with a background in vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, yin yoga and more recently prenatal yoga and mama baby yoga. Being a mother of two children she has had the hands on experience of what it entails to move through this period of life and the changes that follows - physically, mentally and emotionally. Gabriella wish to give more mothers to be and new mothers respectively an opportunity to flow through this journey with a great sense of trust and abundance. In every class, she will invite you to a moment of self-love, deep relaxation and new insights.